Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pump YOU up!

Is it at all possible that I am burning enough calories at work to avoid working out? Let's examine:
Drive to work- well it's about 20 minutes round trip, so that's 37 calories.
I park far away, but still only 2 minute walk round trip, so 15 calories.
Then I sit for around 6 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less. That's 510! Cool!
Then I do various lifting of pedicure tubs filled with water, lifting people's legs for massaging, drilling on acrylic nails, getting up to wash implements...let's call that 4 hours of "housekeeping" (according to chart) so that's about 640 calories.
Our total is....1202 calories burned at work!!!

Well that makes me feel MUCH better about not working out every day.

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Blogger brianna said...

damn!! what a cool site!! i found out that between both my daily bouts of both irish step dancing (350 cals) and tae kwon do (700 cals), i'm burning 1050 calories!! and i haven't even added in my squash tournaments and standing.

...i can't believe they listed "standing." if someone is worried about how many calories they burn while standing, they are either a crazy health nut or fucking lazy (depending on why they are worried about it).

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