Friday, February 03, 2006

it's over.

I got some news today that will change EVERYTHING I ever thought I knew.
Lance and Sheryl have broken up!
How can I attempt to have a successful relationship with Biff when all the people I turn to for guidance let me down?
Heather and Richie
Nicole and DJ AM
Brad and Jen
Chad and Hillary
I can''s over.

Who will be the example I follow? Who will light the way when we quarrel?

I guess I am going to have to turn to
  • these people

  • Dammit!
    btw, will someone tell me how to add groovy links without these bullets?

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    Blogger brianna said...

    i'm guessing a good way to have a successful relationship would be to NOT follow these people's example. :-)

    10:11 PM  
    Anonymous ck said...

    You make a proper link like this:
    Jewlicious is the best!

    and... you're welcome!

    I actually tried to use the code tag but that's apparently not allowed. Instead hit ctrl+u and see the code, and then reproduce it whenever you want to make a proper link.

    4:39 PM  
    Blogger deetour said...

    Yeah, that didn't work for me. How bout luscious Bri or Brian tell me how they do it.

    5:51 PM  
    Blogger brianna said...

    ummm try using compose mode. type the word that you want to make into a link, then highlight it, and click the link. the box will pop up, and voila, type in the actual URL. eh? p.s. did you get my texts today?

    8:24 PM  

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