Monday, January 23, 2006

After reading master b's blog about this genealogy site where you plug in a picture of you and they match you with a celebrity, I had to try it. I used two different pictures and here is what came up.

carrie-anne moss
Christina Ricci
cameron diaz
penelope cruz
kate winslet
julianne moore

other pic
katie holmes
natalie portman
elisha cuthbert
juliette binoche
ava gardner
angelina jolie
naomi watts

u try it. and laugh WITH me, not AT me!
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    Blogger Brian said...

    No Kyra Sedgwick?

    9:48 PM  
    Blogger Brian said...

    Ok. I tried it. Gary Oldman, Nicolas Cage, Benny Goodman, President Pervez Musharif of Pakistan, Robert Zemekis, and Donald Fucking Rumsfeld?

    I'll take Oldman and Cage, even if Cage did name is poor child Kal El (I'm sure the mountains of money his old man has will make up for it). Benny Goodman is kind of cool. Robert Zemekis is probably the closest to accurate. But I don't look even VAGUELY Pakistanie, and Donald Fucking Rumsfeld looks like the walking dead.

    I'm going to have to question the sites accuracy.

    10:12 PM  
    Blogger Lisa said...

    ok - I said this to master b.... and here it is for you too...

    PULEEZE publish the RSS so that I can subscribe!!

    1:38 PM  

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