Thursday, January 19, 2006


  • don't let the innocent face fool you

  • He is hungry and he wants everyone to know it. Ever since I started splitting his meals into morning and night, he has decided that scratching at the bedroom door and singing to me in the morning, starting at 6 am, is going to get me to feed him earlier. WRONG!! I have the power to ignore him and turn my sound machine waaaay up. HA!

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    Blogger Brian said...

    I have a cat. Little bastard has a foot fetish. If my feet peek out from under the covers at night, he will paw them. Not attack. Not scratch. Just touch them like he's amazed by there existense. When I take off my shoes, he'll stick his paws in there and just flex his claws in sheer pleasure.

    Bascially, he's a freaky little bastard.

    6:27 PM  

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