Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dressing for women

Tina and I had a discussion Saturday night about how women dress for other women. Quote from Marie Claire mag:
"I love to be fashionable, and other women recognize that. My fun, hip sense of style emerged in college, when I realized that clothes are just another way of communicating. When I dress, I aim to get a reaction from women--whether it's appreciation or envy."
All this stemmed from a comment I had made to a passing woman about the uber cuteness of her skirt. Tina was aghast that I had said something to the gal, who I will never see again and without the skirt would not be able to identify in a line-up.
I explained that when women dress, they care more about what women will think of their outfits than men. Let's face it, men don't care much about what we are wearing. They care more about us not being self conscious and constantly asking if we look fat, etc. They care more about seeing various body parts exposed. They cannot and do not usually appreciate that you got this super cute top that is the perfect color and fits so great and you found it on sale.

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Blogger tina said...

so very true. russ never has much of a reaction when i ask him about my clothes... :o) that's why from now on...i'll ask you!

8:13 AM  

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