Monday, September 25, 2006

Here it is

ANTM recap.
So now that I have actually watched the first show I think I will stand by my Megan prediction. The girl is cute if not a little piggy-noseish.
This one bitch on there is just a complete brat! The one girl who stole the other girl's bed. WTF? No manners at all (and that is encouraged btw).
Melrose seems cool, but is doing this whole mother hen thing that is totally (needed) annoying.
I am so tired right now I cannot think of anything else to add.
Wednesday's show should be GREAT! It's makeover time! This is the show that will make or break em. Remember Jade from last season? They cut off her fro and died it blond. She hated it (HA!) and I think it took her down a (needed) notch.
Later kids.

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Blogger brianna said...

i hate piggy-noseish.

p.s. i shaved tot's head. ha!

2:47 PM  

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