Monday, September 18, 2006

Wanna Be On Top? (again?)

Hopefully you enjoyed the long hot summer filled with reruns cause it's baaaack!

Stay tuned to hear my views on everything from the bitches to the bitching.

In true Dee fashion I will now name (sight unseen, mind you) who I think will be the winner. Don't worry though, I am never right. I mean last year I thought Nnenna was the clear winner but she was axed after like 6 episodes. I'm gonna go with Megan. Remember I have not seen the show yet. I am basing this on nothing. This year they have some ugly twins on. I hope they get axed right away.
I also can't wait to see all the "My Life as a Cover Girl" commercials with Danielle, the last winner. I wonder if they sent her to a speech pathologist or something. Should be "inneresting, mmmhmmm" if nothing else. "Shut yo mouf!" No really, I LOVED her! She was very cool and totally deserved it.

Be there Wednesday for the two hour premiere.

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