Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The excitement is KILLING you!

Back from AMVIV which was fun, but tiring. I need a vacation from my vacation. Sigh.
Broke even on the cards which is pretty cool for the debut. Sold 47 boxes. I got a lot of great feedback and learned a lot about what the people liked and disliked. I learned that we need to revamp our packaging structure because it was just too hard to have to explain it everytime.
A huge thanks to Detroit Tuned and Rogue MINIs for letting us use your booth space. :)

Now, the other stuff...
Thursday after driving and selling some, I went to the Rio with the gang sans Biff and was treated to the buffet by M & G. Thank you from this broke lady.
Then Friday we got up early and sat at the booth all day until the strip cruise. 400 MINIs cruised and some boys in an SUV waved a blow up doll at us. That made me giggle mucho.
Saturday we get up early and sit at the booth all day (and Tuls makes me laugh so hard I almost peepee) until the banquet. I didn't win anything. :( The desserts were great! :)
Sunday Biff gets up super early (6 am!!!) and I rest for another 2 hours before going to see some peeps off and planning to do the scavenger hunt which was hilarious fun! Then we hung out with the Rogues a bit before meeting the others at Treasure Island for the (strip) show. Then we had a very grown up, civilized dinner at the Venetian before running for 10 minutes to the shuttle. I got to meet Biff's brother which was surreal.
Monday morning we left.

Back to liiiife, back to realityyyyy.

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Blogger brianna said...

you sure have gotten tame, ms. dee. why, just last year i remember you... nevermind. :)

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