Monday, April 04, 2005

Internet, sweet internet

It had to happen sometime! I entered the digital age. I switched from dial-up to high speed, baby! What a new and wonderful world! Colors are brighter, pages whizz by, sighs are exhaled, buttons are pushed.
I am LOVING this! Now I can check email whenever I want without worrying about going over my monthly allowance. Now I can view cute 'toons like Foamy or Ratchicken. I even found some new faves. Something like "Teen Grrrl Squad". Good stuff!
You think THAT'S exciting? Well, sure it is. But guess what else happened? I got an iPod MINI in gold to match my gold MINI. I am the coolest gal around. People will line up to talk to me. Fans will fall at my feet and offer me actual cash to be seen with them. Yep, it's all happening for me now. Better ride the deetour before she passes and surpasses you.
Later LOSERS!!!

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Blogger brianna said...

holy rusted metal batman! high-speed net AND an iPod?! yowza! congrats, and i'm totally jealous of you and your iPod.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Haf said...

bloody hell love! that's a little on the insane side of things don't you think? next thing you'll tell us if you got an implant in your brain so you can download stock quotes while you work.

congrats though, it's about bloody time! I've already used 43 GB of my 60 GB ipod and I've had it 1 day...yikes!

8:00 PM  

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