Sunday, August 27, 2006

My Big Fat Weekend

Well I am just BEAT! What a weekend!
Friday night Biff and I had a splendid dinner with Janna and Andrew at Redfish then motored around town to research our next event. We ended up at my place watching Salad Fingers episodes 1-7 which led to Janna and I re-enacting the episodes for the rest of the night. I can't really stop talking like him and Biff is sick of it. He can do the walk perfectly though.

Then I worked a half day Saturday and continued the quest for a shower curtain and towels.
Biff and I went to a couple of places and I finally broke down and bought a stripey curtain and lime green rugs and towels. I get all this mess home and we put it in there and it looks horrible! The green was all washed out but the curtain was ok. Then I checked my mail and had received my sample of the koi goldfish shower curtain!!! As soon as I put it next to the wall I knew it was the one I would have to get. The vibrant colors of the fish told me that my instinct to use orange towels and rugs was spot on. So I will be returning the whole mess and trying to find towels to match this orange fish now. Target had some Biff thought would be perfect.
Then Saturday night we went to a surprise bday party for Brianna. I got to meet all the people she is always talking about and they did not disappoint. It was an amusing evening, but we left around midnight. I am so tired at this point I can barely converse with Biff.

I knew I had to get up early for the MINI club fun run and BBQ today, so I went right to bed. Needless to say I was still awfully tired at 8 am when the alarm rudely interrupted my rest. I called Biff and said I didn't think I could go. He told me to think about it. Then I decided it would be fun and I would go to bed early tonight instead. So I went, had a great time and plan to retire shortly after I finish writing thisszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Blogger brianna said...

party was super. thanks for keeping it a secret despite me asking you to tell me if such a thing was being planned. :)

"in that case, i must leave..."

salad fingers. hilarious.

11:36 AM  

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