Sunday, July 30, 2006

Forgot to mention

my Saturday! I took a day off and went on a little drive with 24 MINIs. It was great fun! What an incredible group of diverse and interesting people. My life is so different and full now that I have this MINI. I talk to a MINI owner at least 3 times a day. That's 3 different MINI owners. I travel in a pack. I wash my car regularly (but not my shower ;0). I have creative, thought provoking, sometimes maddening, fun and spontaneous people in my life. And I got a spy kit in the mail from MINI the other day. They always send little gifts. So now I can read hidden images on MINI ads and feel cool in my 3D glasses. What could be better?

On another note, Biff is gone til Thursday and I have his MINI too. Double the fun! So I can drive the nugget or the S convertible.

I miss Biff and he has only been gone since 3 this afternoon. :(
He's my buddy.
Oh well, at least I have Felicity to keep me busy. On season 4 now. Ben wants to be a doctor (HAHAHA) and her hair is long again and Scott Foley is so hot I want to cryyyyy. Don't tell me what happens!

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