Monday, October 03, 2005

The news...

The biggest ficus tree in Phoenix is being murdered today. I have lived at this address for 9 years and this beautiful tree has not only provided shade, but has been a home for the hundreds of chirpees on my block. I would come home from work and hear them all chatting as loud as a high school cafeteria. It always made me smile. I thought it would never leave the spot it is rooted to, but today at 6:30 am, the chainsaws started up. I was roused rudely from my slumber and found it was too late to stage a coup. My neighbor and I always said we would camp out in it if we heard they were going to do this. It is obvious why we weren't warned. I am sad.
On another note, I dropped off the MINI this morning to have repairs to the body and paint done. Should be done on Friday. I miss her already. I am driving my old Honda that my Dad bought from me. It is like traveling back in time. So many memories in that little car. I bought her in 1995 brand new. Many adventures ensued. It is like visiting with an old friend. When I started her up, a song about "haven't seen you in a while..." was playing. I felt like she was talking to me like "Christine" always spoke to Arnie through the radio. If you haven't seen the Stephen King movie, you really must.
That is all for now.
Love and smoochies.

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Blogger Tüls said...

how many dudes you get it on with in there?? :D :P

you must watch out now...don't let her see you with the Gold one...or visa may end up with her following you.... :O

2:55 AM  
Blogger brianna said...

you'll have her back soon enough... or not. and that poor tree... that's really unnecessary!

5:20 AM  

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