Thursday, November 10, 2005


Ah yes, another productive day.
Had a massage, had lunch with Trace, gathered up the laundry and headed to Biff's.
I arrive, he is unbathed, having worked from home all day. Now I sit, waiting, whilst he bathes and the laundry squishes around in it's hot, soapy cauldron.
Don't you love it when you are all comfy in front of your computer and someone yells from the shower, hey, hey, I have to tell you something. You could hear them loud and clear if only they would just say it, but they can't hear you say "what", so this yelling continues til you decide to just GETTHEFUCKUP and find out what they want. Then you find out and you want to flush the toilet a hundred times and be mean cuz it wasn't worth getting up AT ALL just to hear what they had to say. :(-
Sigh. Sorry Biff.
I'm bitchy after a massage, huh?

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