Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hear ye, hear ye

What do you get when you mix a man in an eye patch, a Hispanic lullaby and a unisex bathroom? Well, you get Hambone's on Main in Mesa. The destination for fun on a Friday night.
We wound up there by accident while waiting for a text message with further instructions from Matt, visiting MINI owner. When we open the door and peer inside, it is full of rowdy Hispanics and Indians playing pool, singing karaoke, and teetering around drunkenly.
We saddle up to the bar and Biff orders a "large" Amber Bock which of course turns out to be a large pitcher. I thought, Oh my gawd, we are going to be here all night. The half drunk man to my left informs me that Biff and I look like we are meant to be and he would like to be at our wedding. Poor Biff, he can hardly eek out a sentence.
I call my girl Trace who lives in Mesa and ask her to meet us here thinking she will really get a kick out of this place. She saunters in and informs us that her ex-husband owns this bar and oh looky, there he is!!!
"He" turns out to be this little guy whose angry current wife is glaring at Trace with venon in her eyes. Trace and Paul chat on and off throughout the evening. He's a nice guy and seems happy to see her again.
Around 11 pm, I finally receive the coveted text message from Matt who writes that he has been bored at the party and wants to know what we are doing since he has not heard from us. Her has not heard from US???? Yes, apparently he sent a text message at 9 that I never got. I will probably get it around 5 this afternoon. Damn Verizon!!!
So we pick up Matt from the boring party and come back to the raging party at Hambone's. Matt walks in with this oversize black cowboy hat on his head. Heads swivel, the music screeches to a halt. Haha, just kidding. It is almost as iff these barhoppers expect him to waltz right in.
So we hang out there for a while and then I start bitching about having to go to work tomorrow so the party breaks up. What have we learned from this experience? Fun can be found 'round all corners. Even the ones you wouldn't expect.

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Blogger Stoopidgirl said...

and whyyyyyy wasn't I informed that Matt would be in town?

4:54 PM  
Blogger deetour said...

I believe it was posted on the board. General section for all you non-joiners.

7:46 PM  

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