Monday, February 13, 2006

Wish List

So I thought it would be fun to check out Yahoo personals. What a scary looking batch of would be suitors. I guess it scared me because I am not ready, but I really need to get out and meet some new men. So there was this one guy, and he looked ok and wasn't all about Jeeezuz, but if I want to write to him it'll cost me $12.95 or something like that.
I think it is better to just meet someone through friends. Unless your friends have this scary guy they think would be good for me simply because he is single too. I do not believe in that stuff. I would rather be alone than go on a blind date or a set up date with someone just cause "he's single too and soooo nice."
Sorry, that's just not the way it works for me. You have to see someone, there's a spark or you keep going back to glance again and so is he. Then when you speak to them, all you can do is smile, and they smile while talking to you. I have met a few guys like this and that spark of chemistry does not lie. So if you don't at least have that, you have nada, zilch, nothing.
So looking for the spark. And a few other things:

1.Must be smart. No "I seen them dudes..." shit. I will go crazy correcting everything you say. First, just to myself, then to you.

2.Must be into cars. I am sooo into cars, it's not even funny. I appreciate a nice car that is well cared for. *cough (MINI)* It doesn't have to be a fancy sports (MINI) car or expensive (MINI) car at all. The car (MINI) you drive reflects you, think about that (MINI). If you have a MINI, that might be cool. Maybe. ;)

3.Must be able to fix things. I am talking about the handy guy that can put up your shelves or blinds. He can change a tire, or even the oil. Nothing to me is more attractive than a capable man that can get his hands dirty. Love those grease monkeys!

4.Must not be sooo tall that I get a neck ache. I am a shorty, 5'2. I like a man no taller than about 5'10. Then I can look you in the eye. I went to the prom with a guy who was 6'4. Not a good evening for me dance wise, as in, we didn't and couldn't.

5.Must be ambitious or a go-getter of sorts. I want to go out walking or something and you have the TV guide highlighted with all your shows for the week? N-O. Get off that couch and into the land of the living!

6.Please don't be a jerk and pick up on my friends, sister, or mom.

7. Oh, and no Dads. No offense, just not for me since I don't want my OWN kids, I sho nuf don't want yours.

8.No alkies or chain smokers, drug addicts, etc.

That's not asking for much now, is it?

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Blogger brianna said...

too much? gee, no, not at all. ya picky bitch.


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