Sunday, April 30, 2006

wrap up

Well after that busy week, I am beat! It will be nice to sleep in tomorrow and just run a couple of errands and do some laundry. Gotta love Mondays off.
Wht did I do this week to be so beat? Well, for starters I worked, then went to the movies three times. Haven't seen a movie in the theater since Brokeback Mtn and then I see 3 in one week. Craziness.
Saw Thank You For Smoking which was great! The book was so funny that I wound up reading all of his books. (Little Green Men was fun too.)
Saw Lucky Number Slevin which was smart and funny. Lucy Liu is so cute and the writing was very clever.
Last night saw The Sentinal, which was suspenseful, but the ending was cheesy.
I ate way too much this week too. I'm sooo full.
Dusty cat hates me cuz I am never home so I have to go now and make out with him.

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