Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm Alive!

I survived Friday the 13th! I just worked all day and nothing exciting happened at all. Good thing, cuz we don't want "Vegas Dee" making an appearance on some psycho's ass!

I have been slacking on my ANTM updates so I will just sum last week's show up in one quick sentence.
Meg went home and I don't care. :0-

This week however, one of the twins is going to admit that she's bisexual. Should be interesting as all the other girls, who are young and naive will probably assume that means she is going to try to "do" them all. Yeah, doesn't quite work that way, but good try.

This weekend I went to Mt.Graham near Tucson which is a really fun twisty road that takes you up to the clouds. I had a groovy time, but came home and found out that I'm not as young as I once was. Meaning I had NO energy to go out on Saturday night. Biff however is like the energizer bunny. So I hauled my sleepy ass out to the convertible and we went on a little drive/scavenger hunt.
He keeps me on pointe.

Sunday we went to the fair with Janndrew. It was fun wandering around for 4 hours and eating various "bad foods." I had a corn dog, a fried twinkie, some kettle corn, and some of Biff's cotton candy. Big day for me!
Yeah, I got my ass on the elliptical bright and early this morning.

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mmmmmmmmmmmm fried twinkieeeeeee....

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