Saturday, November 25, 2006

Advice please

Here is the situation:
I have worked at this beauty mall for almost 5 years. I have my own private suite there and really prefer that situation to the "have a chair in the middle of a loud, busy salon" situation.

My current contract is not up until August 31, 2007. I was told by the manager that the rates are going up in January for anyone renewing a contract in 2007. He "gave me a chance to get in on the 2006 prices" by giving me one week to decide to resign now for 3 years with the rate to go up in August. These cheaper prices are not necessarily bad compared to the 2007 prices he mentioned. The thing is, do I really want to spend another 3 years paying what may be a fair price to some but is a little overwhelming for me?

I have been quizzing my clients about how far they would travel to a new place and such. A few seem to think I should just stay there and work more hours to cover the difference in price. The difference is not necessarily the problem. The others said they would go wherever I went. But what if they hate it?

I did some research and found out that the prices near my place for nail booth rental are pretty comparable to what I pay now (a little less in some cases) but what I have (privacy, security, a door I can lock at night) is so worth the extra.
I do not want to work in a big salon with a hair dresser to my right and another nail tech at my elbow.

So I found this cute, old, not as nice as I have now, but still cute row of suites 3 miles away from where I am now. It is not as nice as where I am now. Meaning it doesn't have a large lobby area with a waiting room and a pop machine and a large bathroom. It is basically a little houses split into 3 rooms with a little bathrooms in the middle. There are 3 or 4 little buildings. They are very old school but I could totally decorate my little space very cute. The room would be a little smaller too.

Here is the deal:
It is $200 less each month.

Now that I found this place and cannot move in right away, I have several options.

1.Sign 3 more years where I am at the "cheaper rates."

2. Do not resign now and wait til August to decide whether or not to stay and pay $80 more per month if I decide to stay. Risking the cheaper place being rented to someone else.

3. Ask to get out of my current lease or see if they can rent the room early and get the new room sooner.

4. Wait until August to see what else is out there. Do nothing.

Any help would be great or just use this as good reading. :)-

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Blogger Musing said...

I would think that cute would win. Where you are now has no character. If this new place is like a house, could you make a little outside waiting area? where is it? and I'll do a drive-by.
Hope you had good turkey!

8:50 AM  
Blogger brianna said...

yes... character is very important. i'd take charming over a big bathroom any time.

6:18 PM  

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