Monday, August 01, 2005

Fun Weekend with weird endings

Friday night Biff and I had dinner with some cool ass folks from Sierra Vista. They went home Saturday and got into a little accident, rolling their poor MINI down an embankment.
Saturday we went to dinner with my 'rents and then to the car show. We were accompanied by 8 lovely minis. It was a great time.
Sunday Biff and I motored to Flagstaff and enjoyed a lovely rainstorm. We sat at the brewery and looked out at the train, the rain, and a drrrty red MINI. Nice views.
On the way home, we crawled the 2 hour drive and made it home in 4 hours. Apparently there were two rollover accidents in different places on the I-17 resulting in two deaths. Kinda makes ya realize how lucky our friends were on Saturday afternoon. I shudder to think what the outcome could have been.

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