Monday, February 20, 2006

too boring for you to read

I was told I could discuss anything on here even though Biff reads it. I just don't feel comfortable with that, but this IS my journal and I should be able to express myself instead of censoring myself.
Biff and I are trying to be friends with the understanding of 3 rules.

1. We can never discuss the reasons for the break-up. It is just to hurtful to hear again and again.
2. We cannot tell each other about anyone we are dating.
3. We cannot bring said date to any car club event, at least not any time soon.

The last two rules are basically for my protection only because when a guy you are happily dating tells you he doesn't want to date not only you, but anyone and then proceeds to find someone new right away, we are led to one conclusion and one conclusion only.


So I cannot see or know about anyone he may be chatting up or snuggling with. Thank gawd he doesn't feel this is too much to ask. Perhaps one day he will question if that is still a rule and unless (and even if) I am happily dating someone else, he still can't be. :) You wanna be alone? You better BE alone...foreva!

Ladies, are ya with me on this?

Anyway, on that note, I have been going out with a few different people in the last week or so. It's nice to be out and about, but I do miss the happiness I once had with Biff. If only because it had reached that comfort level where one doesn't have to be ON all the time. We had finally settled into that place couples go to where they are really truly themselves. If that is why he decided it was a good time to end it, it may cause me to question the intelligence of allowing myself to be at that place again with someone. Or if perhaps it is best to keep my true self from someone I am dating. But then how can it be a truly fulfilling relationship? Do I need a truly fulfilling relationship or does it just lead to boredom and maybe infidelity?
Damn, I am tired.
Thanks for reading.
Hope I didn't bore the pants off of you, dear reader.
If I did perchance, please take pix and show me. :)-

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Blogger brianna said...

relationships are just like gambling, except your putting in time instead of money. and, just like real gambling, the house always wins. so, in accordance with that theory, a great relationship where you can be completely comfortable and not get bored and be all lovey dovey forever and ever is about as probable as winning the jackpot at the casino. (not to be a pessimist or anything.) now, good luck!

7:17 AM  
Blogger Haf said...

she's such a pessimist don't listen to her. you're going about it wrong dee. you shouldn't tell him that you don't want to hear about his life. if you want him to die, be strong and take on the thought that you couldn't care less what he's up to and you're happy to him. it's more painful for him to see that he doesn't even make an impression on you anymore and as a guy, that's like a knife to the heart.

oops, did i just give out my secret?

master b. we should have a "he said, she said" column!

11:51 PM  

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