Sunday, March 12, 2006

Saturday night

Went to a fun party with Brianna last night at friend J and P's place.
Other than tripping while sneaking UP the stairs, here are some other highlights:

Drinking and rough housing with animals is a bad combination. This guy that is living with them was terrorizing this black labish looking dog. The dog kept coming back for more so he might have enjoyed the wrestling, but it was just too much. By the end of the evening, everyone was telling the guy off and he felt stupid. Yay!

A bald biker guy seemed interested in me, but I had the hindsight of "the past" to guide me into the "no, thank you" attitude. "Been there, done that" never seemed so appropriate.

Very hot Asian gal chatted with us all night. When her and her fiance first walked in I was sans glasses and thought it was Russ and Tinafish. But no! It was all good though. They were very cool.

Some young skinny guy who thought he was God's gift walks in to what seemed like applause. He proceeds to walk by us and ignore us whilst taking over our conversation with hot girl. He had his name on his jacket, so in true dee fashion, I said "Hey Corey, how have you been?" and gave him this gigantic hug. He was taken aback and was nice after that, but sooo in lurve with himself. I cannot STAND guys like that.

Reading Playboy and Maxim, while all the guys came over to talk to us. "what's that your reading there?" "so how do YOU know J and P?" Yes, those ARE our girlfriends glaring at us right now." Teehee.

Doing squats with B in the loft.

Whoring myself out for some of their CDs which I am importing to iTunes as I type.

Watching some bitch ass girlfriend walk to the door, open it, stand outside and glare at her boyfriend who then got up, looked around for somewhere to put his cup and sheepishliy left with her. HA!


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Blogger brianna said...

that guy was hot though. too skinny, but hot. *sigh*

9:08 AM  
Blogger brianna said...

p.s. i'm going to try to do 15 squats today (baby steps, baaaby steps) to get that bootyliciousness i so desire.

9:38 AM  

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