Sunday, July 22, 2007

Slacking again

Sorry I never post anything anymore.

Here's what's new:
Just got back from visiting Biff's relatives in Chicago and Wisconsin. It was a great trip! Very relaxing to hang out on the lake for a couple of days and then off to the city to sightsee. Good times!

Now Bifford and I are getting ready to sell coopercards at MITM, MINIs in the Mountains in Colorado.
We will start retailing the cards at the local MINI dealer this month as well.

Then I move to my new salon and August is done.

Whew! I am busy!

Tomorrow my friend C and I are going to check out Sarah Jessica Parker's clothing line Bitten at the Steve and Barry's onb the Wesssside. Should be fun.

Later kids.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


This morning I woke up from some crazy ass dreams which starred two of my ex boyfriends, Justin and Ryan.
Then I get up and get a text message from Justin saying Happy 4th and then right after one from another ex Brian saying Happy 4th.
Weird shit, eh?
By the way, in the dream I had purchased a black Passat that was right hand drive. ??? I woke up SO happy to know that I still had my little Nugget.