Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Life of a Cat by Dusty

I awake on the couch again. The early morning sun hidden by the blinds she insists on having closed. I can't live in the dark.
I want to see her. I scratch at the door. How can she not hear me? I hear her rolling around, tormented by my screams.
The bitch still won't let me in the bed. Just cause I had a little episode with her face. Like I can control what my long claws do.
She is in the shower. I stay in the room because the steam is good for my fur, but I try to talk to her and she just yells at me to shut up. She keeps saying, "stop crying", but I am not crying. I am just talking.
Thanks for the kibbles, lady. Just once I want to awake from the 98th nap of the day to find something other than dry cat food. Perhaps some raw tuna or caviar. Yeah, the good life.
What is this box with light emitting from it like a beacon? She stares at it for hours. What is so interesting? Look at me! Look at me!! Look at me!!! LOOK AT ME!!!!
I'm just gonna take a little zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, April 24, 2005


So I get home from work Saturday a little early and get a call from some veddy nice MINI folks taking a little B.E.A.T. tour to Flagstaff. They tell me I should drive up and hang with them. So at 7 pm I decide wtf and drive up there.
I get there at 9 pm and we chill in the bar for a few hours. I get a little tipsy on a Pina Colada and eat a sandwich the size of my head. We watch some redneck wedding folks drink, sing and dance. Quite entertaining, especially when two numbnuts decided to argue over some cigarettes.
The next morning I go to the big breakfast and raffle give away and see all the peeps who were already sleeping by the time I arrived. Good times!!
Then four of us decide to take a little journey to Jerome, but the foul weather got in the way. A stop at a look out and some yummy Mexican food and I was off. Back home to my Cat, who must have really missed me cuz we made out for an hour. :)
Kisses, Dee

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Open Air Adventures

A very old, dear friend of mine was in town last week. We have known eachother since we were 18. We have enjoyed many...strange adventures together and even though we are now apart since she lives in Atlanta, we still connect on so many levels. Basically, if she were a man or we were lesbians, I think we would do quite well. She also donated about 4,000 songs to my iTunes library. You rock!
Anyhoo, so we had a very busy week reliving the old days and doing a little treasure hunt in a MINI convertible. We were searching for a large green teapot that used to be near the 51 and Glendale. Back in the day, we took a picture hanging off of it. Apparently it is gone now. Damn freeway improvements.
In other news, my business has picked up tremendously. So I have been busy, busy, busy. Hope to still have time for the "little people". Get it? MINI people? Hahahahahaahahahahahahaha.
Laters, D.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Poem without rhyme

Once there was a rental car
with 4 people in it

Lots of jarring e-brake moments
some head banging not to music

giggling Brianna
maniacal Coop and Tuls

pedestrians beware
children run

Saturday, April 09, 2005


That is the sound my MINI makes when I rev her up! She can be pretty mean, especially to slow chix in high heels who can't walk.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Internet, sweet internet

It had to happen sometime! I entered the digital age. I switched from dial-up to high speed, baby! What a new and wonderful world! Colors are brighter, pages whizz by, sighs are exhaled, buttons are pushed.
I am LOVING this! Now I can check email whenever I want without worrying about going over my monthly allowance. Now I can view cute 'toons like Foamy or Ratchicken. I even found some new faves. Something like "Teen Grrrl Squad". Good stuff!
You think THAT'S exciting? Well, sure it is. But guess what else happened? I got an iPod MINI in gold to match my gold MINI. I am the coolest gal around. People will line up to talk to me. Fans will fall at my feet and offer me actual cash to be seen with them. Yep, it's all happening for me now. Better ride the deetour before she passes and surpasses you.
Later LOSERS!!!