Sunday, April 29, 2007

Two posts for the price of one!

ok, so I read Wicked and wasn't really feeling it. I should probably reread it because I may have missed all the subtle humor and sarcasm that I am now enjoying immensely in Son of a Witch, the sequel to Wicked.
So go on out there and read it. Biff bought it for me as a present and I wasn't sure I would even read it since the first one didn't really do it for me, but I picked it up and now I can't put it down.
BTW, the musical Wicked was great! Very funny and entertaining. I recommmend that as well. :)


Something entered my MINI tonight via my hair highway. I opened the door to get out and something like THIS flew in. It flew into my hair and came to rest on my dash in the corner by the driver's windshield.
I was freaking out because anyone who knows me surely knows how I feel about large flying insects.
See when the flying roach flew into my hair.
See when the flying roach was in my home.
See when the large moth flew into my MINI.
See all of the above and know me better.
So I call Biff and I'm all hyperventilating. So he tells me to grab a RAG AND GO UP TO IT AND KILL IT!! Hello? We have a baaaad connection if you really think THAT is going to happen.
So I grab my car duster from the back and proceed to "throw" it onto the dash. The thing doesn't move. Then I have to go in there and GET IT OUT! So I go in there and get the duster out and throw it again.
Then Bifford says, "Just push the duster onto him hard and shake him out of it."
So I do that and the moth goes flying up into the light fixture above my car. I run to shut my doors and then I look for it again and I don't see it so I assume it has flown back into the MINI and then Biff says you're crazy he just flew away.
We shall see in the morning I guess. If I'm driving down the road and it taps me on the shoulder, I AM OUTTA THERE!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's been awhile since my last confession...

I haven't really felt like blogging. Probably because I think somehow people are reading this that I never thought would find it. Makes me censor myself unfortunately. Not that I ever say anyhting that salacious or note worthy.

So what's new with Dee?

Biff is going to MINIs on the Dragon next weekend to sell some of our coopercards. We have been very busy boxing them up and deciding how to ship them there.

We have been eating out like every day and getting very fat in the process.

I bought an elliptical machine that will be here in less than 4 hours.

My friend told me that I should have a one year, two year, five year plan and I don't at all. I live day to day. Is that wrong?

My neighbor is moving and I am glad I can bang my closet shut at 3 am if I feel like it.

I have Curious George gel pens.

I'm dehydrated...aaack.

I need to buy batteries for my new camera and actually take pictures. Of my MINI preferably.

That is all. Discuss.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Funny pic

Monday, April 09, 2007


I have decided to spare my little buddy his vet appt. His annual is really not due til May, so he gets a reprieve til then.

In other news, I went to a drag show on Friday night. It was kinda horrible except for two guys (gals). One was totally skinny like most performers are now a days and she was all over the place. Jumping up on the bar, chatting with the crowd, etc. Very entertaining. The other one stayed on the stage and in true stripper style (i've heard ;)) had the men and women come to HER for dances.
All in all an interesting night. I'm pretty sure when we walked in that they all looked at us and said STRAIGHT! Can't help it, I am.
Then on Sunday Biff and I hung out with some peeps. Get it? PEEPS! On Easter??? :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Sorry little buddy

Sometimes I feel like a God.

Simply because I can look into Dusty's furry little face and I know what is going to happen to him on Tuesday at 3 pm.

He has no idea.

I am the puppet master, I am the fortune teller.
It's going to be a BAD day for him and he sleeps innocently at my feet with no clue.
It's sad really.

He is going to his least favorite place in the whole world. Anywhere but here. I have no idea how I am going to trick him into a carrier this time. It's harder every year. I used to put a treat in the cat carrier and he would run in. Then I had to use real tuna. Then that got old so I put him in the laundry basket and covered it with an old piece of plexiglass I had lying around. (Doesn't everyone have an old piece of plexiglass lying around?) He was doing his mime routine and staring me down.
It was amusing.
The last couple of times I put him in the plastic laundry hamper. This was great fun because I had to trap him like a wild animal and then scoot it up a tad and shove the lid on there. Then flip it right side up and tape it shut. Actually Biff helped me with this manuever. And when I say "helped me" I mean he did it while I cringed in terror.
I don't know if that will work this year but I am going to try it.
Any other suggestions?