Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Have My Reasons

I hate Disneyland. For many reasons, but I just learned that a boy died on one of the rides. So now I have HIS reasons too.

Monday, June 26, 2006 the whole thing

Fave Food

Crab stuffed salmon.
Now tell me yours.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Funny Cartoon


"And I'm on tonight
You know my hips don't lie
And I'm starting to feel it's right
All the attraction, the tension
Don't you see baby, this is perfection"

Whenever I hear Shakira, I can't help but hear Kermit singing.
Try singing her lyrics above in a Kermie voice and you too will feel the same.
Plus he is cuter.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chew on this

If you need a bikini wax to wear a pair of shorts you are either a ho or a very hairy gal.

Getting Old?

Is blogging getting old?
I check about 10 blogs a day. Mostly friends, but some people whose blogs I have found through others and some gossip blogs. I find that with the exception of five or so that no one updates their blogs anymore. This sucks. I realize I don't do it much either, but I try to do it at least once a week. I am just going to stop checking on the following blogs because they have not changed in a while and I don't want to check them anymore.
The Crushers

Others are still interesting enough when they actually post to warrant a check in every few days.
Some should be commended for always supplying a hearty helping of good reads.
Master B
Stoopidgirl (although Em i must say, all the blogging abouut blog wars is boring to me. I have NO idea who those people are and don't care. Blog about people, places, things again.)
Tina Talks a lot. (You're getting there. :) )

That concludes my rant. Thanks for all the blogging. I'll keep up my end of the bargain by posting the usual gossip tirades and Biff b.s.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Everybody's doing it....

Not sure if I ever mentioned the Memorial day party at a MINI owner's home, but there was some partaking of absinthe that night. I happened upon a picture that is so hilarious which could sum it up. The pink haired gal could almost be Stoopidgirl. Don't know who the other gal would be. Maybe her man in drag. That would be entertaining. Anyway, enjoy the pic.

Dressing for women

Tina and I had a discussion Saturday night about how women dress for other women. Quote from Marie Claire mag:
"I love to be fashionable, and other women recognize that. My fun, hip sense of style emerged in college, when I realized that clothes are just another way of communicating. When I dress, I aim to get a reaction from women--whether it's appreciation or envy."
All this stemmed from a comment I had made to a passing woman about the uber cuteness of her skirt. Tina was aghast that I had said something to the gal, who I will never see again and without the skirt would not be able to identify in a line-up.
I explained that when women dress, they care more about what women will think of their outfits than men. Let's face it, men don't care much about what we are wearing. They care more about us not being self conscious and constantly asking if we look fat, etc. They care more about seeing various body parts exposed. They cannot and do not usually appreciate that you got this super cute top that is the perfect color and fits so great and you found it on sale.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Today, for the second time, I was asked by a client to come over and teach her about her Mac.

I have been using a Mac since the (aging myself here) late eighties. I have owned 3 of them. I have never owned anything BUT them, and never will. I started with a Mac LC II which my Mom currently uses. I was very excited to upgrade to the bluberry iMac.
Now I have achieved perfection (til the next one) with the pure white eMac.
I have been through memory upgrades, data retrieval, and GIMP printer issues. I can truly say that I know this machine very well.

I have some friends who work at the Apple stores and recently met another one who encouraged me, when I asked him, about consulting. He also hinted about a postition available at his store, but I want to go beyond retail with this.

I am currently looking into this as a side job, possibly a future career (after I break my back for good in the nail industry. Haha.)

I am very excited at the prospect and also pleased to know that I can be a patient teacher. I didn't think I had it in me.


Had a dream I was preggers the other night. By Biff. But I was NOT happy about it. Anyhoo, the dream dictionary says...

If you're not worried about pregnancy, a dream of being pregnant symbolizes an aspect of your personality or personal life that is growing and developing, but is not yet ready to be talked about or acted on. It represents the birth of a new idea, direction or goal.

Yeah, so maybe I don't wanna talk about it! Yeah!

However I can assure you this is only a dream and I am in no way pregnant. I'm just big boned from all the sweets.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I am about to have a Cooper S rear sway bar installed. Yay!
Now I'll have 3 mods, including H & R springs and a K & N Cold Air Intake.
Not sure if my super cool chrome wheels count or my super exciting front euro plate, but whatever.
Next would be an exhaust. Still haven't decided whether to get a Borla, which is kinda rumbly, or a Milltek, which seems to be similar to what I have soundwise. I could get a magnaflow. I just don't know. Price is always a consideration as well.
Nitey nite.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Holla Update

Found the shirt! But it's "unavailable". Boo hoo.
Here it is anyway. *sniff*

Challah back!

So a while ago I found this T shirt online that I should have bought because now I cannot find it anywhere. It had a picture of Challah on it and next to it said "holla". It was very funny!
Now when I look for it, all I find is this, which is very cute, but not exactly what I had seen before. I also found this.
Tee hee.
Here are some more.
And one for Brianna to laugh at.
One more.
Oy vey, that's it for now.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


It's happened. I blame my sister and Biff. I am officially into this sudoku craze. I have an eye ache now, but I did a level 3 tonight. This is almost as time consuming as coloring.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Own Less

Own Less

If you don't own the latest thing, it won't go out of date.
If you don't own much, you won't have much to lose.
If you own next to nothing,you won't worry about ending up with nothing.
If you own less than you want, you will still have more than you need.
If you spend less money on things, you can spend more time on you.
If you own less, you will value it more.
If you own only what you can carry,you will carry
less baggage around with you.

Travel light.

Thanks Pub for linking this little jewel.

Monday, June 05, 2006


If legs are stumps
Breasts are lumps
and asses are humps
what are penises?

Beware 666

Tomorrow is 06-06-06.
I predicted there would be unrest.
I don't necessarily want to be right.
Let's be safe out there.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Thanks Bri!

Pump YOU up!

Is it at all possible that I am burning enough calories at work to avoid working out? Let's examine:
Drive to work- well it's about 20 minutes round trip, so that's 37 calories.
I park far away, but still only 2 minute walk round trip, so 15 calories.
Then I sit for around 6 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less. That's 510! Cool!
Then I do various lifting of pedicure tubs filled with water, lifting people's legs for massaging, drilling on acrylic nails, getting up to wash implements...let's call that 4 hours of "housekeeping" (according to chart) so that's about 640 calories.
Our total is....1202 calories burned at work!!!

Well that makes me feel MUCH better about not working out every day.