Sunday, July 30, 2006


My MINI Visa has MY MINI on it!
this is just a sample.
and yes, it's cool.

Forgot to mention

my Saturday! I took a day off and went on a little drive with 24 MINIs. It was great fun! What an incredible group of diverse and interesting people. My life is so different and full now that I have this MINI. I talk to a MINI owner at least 3 times a day. That's 3 different MINI owners. I travel in a pack. I wash my car regularly (but not my shower ;0). I have creative, thought provoking, sometimes maddening, fun and spontaneous people in my life. And I got a spy kit in the mail from MINI the other day. They always send little gifts. So now I can read hidden images on MINI ads and feel cool in my 3D glasses. What could be better?

On another note, Biff is gone til Thursday and I have his MINI too. Double the fun! So I can drive the nugget or the S convertible.

I miss Biff and he has only been gone since 3 this afternoon. :(
He's my buddy.
Oh well, at least I have Felicity to keep me busy. On season 4 now. Ben wants to be a doctor (HAHAHA) and her hair is long again and Scott Foley is so hot I want to cryyyyy. Don't tell me what happens!


So I did something today that I never thought I would do.
I had a cleaning lady come over.
Am I worthy?
No matter, it was great. Walking into the bathroom and seeing the shower gleaming...well, it was a special moment. *sniff*
I am not a slob per se, but I am not a clean freak. My place is not cluttered, but would fail any white glove examination.
The gal asked me if I still had a cat in the house because she removed so much cat hair from her vacuum. How embarrassing since I had vacuumed less than a week prior. I think my vacuum is broken or it just doesn't suck. (haha, get it?)
Anyway, I think she is just going to come by once a month or so. Decent price and she's a perfectionist, so it should be all good.
Now Biff won't have to listen to me complain about the mess. Although I know he loved to hear it.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Don't wear this

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Maybe they aren't insane...

What part of your life do you want to handle?

Unhappiness, Stress, Anxiety, Depression (YES!)
Trouble Thinking Clearly (I can barely understand this sentence!)
Personal Well-being (Can it help me lose 10 lbs.?)
Marriage (HA!)
Children (no, but thanks!)
Helping Others (sometimes)
Integrity, Honesty, Right and Wrong (oh yeah, I am all over that one!)
Education and Learning (I always wanted to be smart)
Communication (I hear ya!)
Job Productivity, Achieving Goals, Financial Success (cool, really?)
Living in a Dangerous Environment (oooh, sounds hot! Will Scott Foley be there?)
Drug and Alcohol Problems (I'd like to try sometime)
Personalities, Emotions and How to Deal with Others (that could be useful)

Apparently all I have to do is pay some money and sell my soul and I can be a Scientologist too. Awesome!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Define Girlfriend

The other day Biff walks in to this party wearing a shirt that said "define girlfriend". So here goes...

The term girlfriend can have several meanings:
*When used by a heterosexual girl or woman, the term "girlfriend" usually denotes a close female friend and has no sexual or romantic connotation. Although long popular in the United States, this usage was unknown in the United Kingdom until relatively recently, but is now becoming more common. Sometimes, the phrase girl friend (with a space) or friend girl is used to avoid confusion with the romantic meaning.
*The female partner in a non-marital romantic relationship with a male. In this sense the term is generally used to describe a male's courting partner or "lover" and is used by all age groups. For example, "He took his girlfriend out to dinner and a movie."
*When used by a lesbian or bisexual woman, the term "girlfriend" is almost always used to refer to a female that is involved in a romantic and/or sexual relationship with that person; in this usage, it is synonymous with "partner".
*When used by a gay man, the term may refer to either the first sense listed above, or in a camp way, to any person he may be addressing.

That should do it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


So I am in the middle of the second season of Felicity and maybe I need to take a little break. I have watched about 3 hours a day of it for the last week. It is making me a little stir crazy for the following reasons:
1. Scott Foley is HAWT! Want to bite him. Must bite lips.
2. I never usually watch this much TV and it is getting hard to stay seated for so long.
3. I am beginning to see a pattern. She wants to get back with Noel, he's dating someone else so she goes back to Ben. Then it doesn't work out with Ben and she wants to get back with Noel. Honestly in a big apple there should be more worms than that. Or seeds...whatever!
4. Watching TV makes me want to eat. I think you know what I want to eat. If you ever read my blog anyway. I must resist this temptation.

Next topic.
So I mentioned that I don't have time to read anymore since Sudoku and Felicity have entered my life, but now I am going to get back into A Million Pieces.
I know it's a fake book and it's not very good, but now it has become this gigantic obstacle. I have never taken this long to finish a book. It took a while for me to get through Wicked because it had soo much exposition about things I did not think were relevant that I skimmed a large chunk of it. I did eventually enjoy the characters and the funny way the movie seemed to have it all wrong. :)
It used to take me less than a week to get through a book. Then I bought a MINI and let me say, spare time is a thing of the past. Not to mention my "days off" are filled with activities. I need to make time for reading again.
OK, there is a gigantic ball of fluff waiting to smother me. I must go.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I did it again.
I knew it was wrong.
I knew it wouldn't help anything, it would only cause pain.
I did it anyway.
I went here.
Now it is all I want.

BTW, who is behind this whole Girl Scout cookie ice cream thing? That is just MEAN!!! How am I supposed to resist it?
Right now Biff is probably finishing off the gallon we bought the other day.
Just kidding. ;)---
You better not be eating it.
Or else...

Bitch bitch bitch

Ok so there is this plot of land north of my place where somehow 8 condos are to be built. I have never seen this process from start to finish and was excited and trepidatious about the effect it would have on my life.
Well, now I know.
6 am wake up tractors, my car covered in dirt, the parking lot covered in dirt and mud, my car exposed to all from the street (there used to be an 8 foot tall line up of oleanders), and nasty, dirty work men leering at me whenever I come and go.
So far they have spent about 2 months on this process. The first month nothing really happened. This month they have been watering and moving dirt around and around. I hope they find something goooood.
I am also a little miffed that when I get home from work and/or errands during the day that they park their trucks in OUR covered parking.
OK, done bitching for now.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm soooo sure!

My good buddy Janna just turned me on to the show Felicity. I guess this was a popular show in the 90's. I had never even glimpsed an episode of it and because of that, everything is new and a surprise. So don't ruin it for me!!!!
I think she is an interesting character. In the beginning I wanted to kill her, but now I see things a little differently since she stopped butting in to everyone's lives and stopped stalking that Ben guy.
Anyway that, Sudoku and MINI peeps seem to be filling my days and nights lately. I know, you're sooo jealous!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Funny Cartoon
Creepy picture

Just ducky

So I am feeling better but still blowing my nose like crazy. There seems to be some mucus monster left. I cannot wait for it to be gone. In the mean time, I was blowing my nose this morning and when I was done, the tissue resembled a duck. No, seriously, a duck. I took a picture of it to prove it. See for yourself.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

You've been elimidated!

Has anyone not seen this show?
4 girls climbing all over some total conceited asshole so he will pick them.
Or 4 loser guys hanging all over some girl they would normally never get to talk to, or would never want to talk to. teehee.
It's really entertaining! Anyway, last night when I was bored, I was watching this show. They have a new twist to it!
The girls were all wearing masks!
You think you could figure out what they look like, but you really can't! This one girl had a hot bod and long curly blond hair. But when she took off the mask, she was one scary broad!
The guy was freaking out when he had to make the final decision. The girl he picked was pretty cute though, but that was a close one!
I would totally watch that show more often if they always did that. How sad am I?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Taste buds

Anyone ever try these?
Full of tart flavor, but can I taste it? NO!
Which means for the first time in a while I will be able to eat something good for me that tastes horrible. Like those high fiber cereals.
Wonder how long this will last. Seriously I have had this cold for a week now.
Anyone a doctor?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The long holiday weekend plus

Thursday: Began to feel a cold coming on
Friday: Worked all day while sniffling
Saturday: Worked 2 hours, went to dinner with friends, went home early due to drippage from nose, drowsiness from meds
Sunday: Did not bathe or leave house at all due to annoying cold, stench smelled for miles (unbeknowst to me as I have no sense of it)
Monday: Laundry at Biff's, watched movie, fell asleep early
Tuesday: Still sick, but wanting to go out, called some friends, went to lunch, went to mall, came back to my house, played cards, went to rooftop of Biff's work for fireworks
Wednesday: Worked all day, still sniffling, have mucus factory, willing to relocate mucus to other places besides tissues, thinking of having snot throwing contests

Mr. Grasshopper

This lil guy went to work with me today. He hung on for the whole ride. Sometimes he stared straight at me, other times he mooned me. He seemed to enjoy it. I wanted to call him Jimini, but that guy was a cricket. Oh well, hope he found a nice new place to live.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Saw some cute MINI iPod picture and decided to recreate it as my own. I think this is hilarious and I have a witness who will tell you I laughed until I cried. That is all.