Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Porn name?

Jewsie. Like juicy. Hope it's not taken. Ha!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Thursday, November 17, 2005

this is true

I'm sick of Brianna, Hafid, and Emily writing such amazing blogs. I have neither the time nor energy to compete. Deal with my mediocrity and slight bursts of wisdom as they come. Expect less and you shall be rewarded.
Love and smooches.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Agnes is a hypocrite.

Remember Agnes? Biff's ex wife? Well guess what SHE did! That's right, she accused ME of being a homewrecker, which I was not, but which she now IS!
Back in the old days Biff says to Agnes, gee you sure spend a lot of time talking to...let's call him Alfred. What's that all about, hon? Nothing, we just talk, nothing's going on, blah blah blah.
People stopped talking to each other because of that little conversation. Lives were affected because of "it's nothing". And now...
She is LIVING WITH ALFRED!!! Alfred just told his wife like a month ago that he wanted out and told his kid, who Biff talks to a lot, that it's not because of Agnes, but if he winds up with her "don't be mad!"
And now they are living together. So I ask Biff how he feels about this and I guess it answered some Qs he had and it sure makes ME feel validated.
All's well that fucking ends well.
Move on.


Ah yes, another productive day.
Had a massage, had lunch with Trace, gathered up the laundry and headed to Biff's.
I arrive, he is unbathed, having worked from home all day. Now I sit, waiting, whilst he bathes and the laundry squishes around in it's hot, soapy cauldron.
Don't you love it when you are all comfy in front of your computer and someone yells from the shower, hey, hey, I have to tell you something. You could hear them loud and clear if only they would just say it, but they can't hear you say "what", so this yelling continues til you decide to just GETTHEFUCKUP and find out what they want. Then you find out and you want to flush the toilet a hundred times and be mean cuz it wasn't worth getting up AT ALL just to hear what they had to say. :(-
Sigh. Sorry Biff.
I'm bitchy after a massage, huh?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

No matter where you go...

Me and Dusty

Okay, it's not SPD Thursday, but here is my lovely Dusty and me with straight hair which does not happen too often.